A Weird But Nice Kid with Pro Wrestler Zeke Mercer | Episode 424

Episode 465 · June 4th, 2024 · 22 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

In this episode of "Fishing Without Bait," hosted by Jim Ellermeyer, we welcome professional wrestler Zeke Mercer. Jim and Zeke delve into Zeke's unique life journey, from his early days in Mississippi to his experiences across the East Coast, eventually settling in Pennsylvania. Zeke shares how his unconventional path and distinctive personality, described as "weird but nice," have shaped his wrestling career.

Listeners will gain insights into Zeke's philosophy on life, where happiness and personal fulfillment take precedence over material pursuits. He discusses his passion for professional wrestling, drawing parallels between wrestling and his love for martial arts. Zeke also highlights the rigorous and trust-based training required to become a wrestler, emphasizing the importance of action and effort.

The conversation touches on Zeke’s eclectic tastes in music and culture, his move to Pittsburgh, and his desire for a dynamic lifestyle. This episode offers a deep dive into Zeke’s mindset, his approach to wrestling, and the adventures that life has presented to him. Tune in for an engaging discussion filled with wisdom, humor, and inspiration.

Find out more about Zeke Mercer and watch his matches on Youtube!

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