Breaking Chains: A Journey of Faith and Healing with Jenni Crumpton Ross | Episode 421

Episode 462 · May 14th, 2024 · 22 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

Join us on "Fishing Without Bait," hosted by Jim Ellermeyer, as we delve into the inspiring journey of Jenni Crumpton Ross, President and CEO of Kula for Karma, and her transformative work in the realms of trauma, addiction, and mental health recovery through yoga and mindfulness. This episode is a profound exploration of Jenni's path from a restrictive religious upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama, to becoming a beacon of healing and advocacy in marginalized communities.

Raised in a rigid evangelical environment, Jenni shares the personal challenges and pivotal moments that led her to relocate to New York City, ultimately pursuing a career that harmonizes spirituality with social justice. After a transformative experience in advertising and the corporate world, Jenni's quest for deeper understanding propelled her into seminary at Union Theological Seminary, where she studied interfaith social justice and political science.

Discover how Jenni's personal struggles with complex PTSD and her discovery of yoga and mindfulness as powerful tools for her own healing inspired her to assist others facing similar challenges. Learn about her journey through yoga teacher training during the COVID-19 pandemic, which connected her with Kula for Karma, an organization dedicated to integrating yoga and mindfulness to support those dealing with trauma and mental health issues.

Jenni also discusses her book "Femi-Evangelical," where she critiques the religious doctrines that shaped her early life and advocates for a reclamation of faith grounded in justice, equality, and personal empowerment, especially for women.

This enlightening conversation not only sheds light on Jenni's impactful work and personal growth but also offers valuable insights into the healing power of integrating mind, body, and spirit practices into recovery and wellness frameworks.

Tune in for an engaging and uplifting discussion that promises to enrich your understanding of faith, healing, and personal transformation.

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