Fishing Without Bait: A Full Impact Mindfulness Podcast

It's about living a life without definitive expectations and learning to fish without bait.

About the show

A mindful exercise. A look at ourselves. We recommend rest and relaxation. One way you can do this is to take up fishing. And for a truly mindful experience, try fishing without bait.

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  • Classic Fishing Without Bait 75: Love is an Action Word

    September 26th, 2023  |  12 mins 14 secs
    jesus, love, mindfulness, mister rogers

    Jim Ellermeyer reflects on the words of Mister Rogers in a time of unrest and analyzes the Parable of the Good Samaritan from the Jesus of the Christian Bible. 

    "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." — Mister Rogers

  • Classic Fishing Without Bait 74: Spa Day

    September 19th, 2023  |  12 mins 52 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer discusses the “nose blindness” you have on your own life and hitting that reset button with a personal “Spa day” to reset your internal senses.  How are our lives like planting flowers?  Subscribe to our Podcast...

  • Classic Fishing Without Bait 237: You Are Important

    September 12th, 2023  |  21 mins 38 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer is talking with us today to help out those who are in recovery during this tough time. We discuss how we can still move forward if it feels like we’re standing still in our homes, navigating the hallway of life, and identifying just how important you and those around you are.

  • Leveling Up with Jessie Notarius | Episode 398

    September 5th, 2023  |  16 mins 14 secs
    athletics, behavior therapy, career goals, costumes, dealing with fans, doors open pittsburgh, female wrestler, feud, highland park, interview, jessie notarius, meditation, memories, mental health, mindfulness, mindfulness tour, paying attention, podcast, professional wrestling, social media, sports, tatiana the unwilting, upcoming match, valerie vermin, women in sports, women's wrestling, wrestling

    Jim Ellermeyer, host of the mindfulness podcast "Fishing Without Bait", interviews pro wrestler Jessie Notarius, known in the ring as Tatiana The Unwilting. They discuss Jessie's experiences as a female wrestler, including dealing with inappropriate fans, respect from male wrestlers, and her career goals. Jessie talks about her current feud with Valerie Vermin and gives advice to young women pursuing their dreams. She promotes her upcoming match and invites listeners to connect on social media. The episode provides an insightful look into the world of women's professional wrestling.

  • Bumps in the Road with Jessie Notarius | Episodes 397

    August 30th, 2023  |  16 mins 25 secs
    authenticity, creativity, discipline, elbow injury, female wrestler, floral fashion, livin gin the moment, mindfulness podcast, performance, pro wrestling, stone cold steve austin, tatiana unwilting, wrestling insights, wrestling journey, wrestling memories

    Join mindfulness guide Jim Ellermeyer as he delves into the world of professional wrestling, interviewing the delightful flower child Tatiana on her journey from rookie to bold persona.

    Hear Tatiana's captivating stories of battling misperceptions about women in wrestling, bringing her floral fantasies to life in the ring, and her Zen philosophies on performance. Jim artfully coaxes insights from her on being present and embracing the theater of wrestling.

    From her double elbow break to memories of stars like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, this unlikely duo finds common ground in their openness to new experiences.

    Tune in as they have a thoughtful discussion on living in the moment - you may not expect a mindful meditation on life to blossom from a wrestling podcast, but that's the beauty of fishing without bait.

    Join us as we explore the intersections of discipline and creativity, performance and authenticity, and more. You'll come away entertained and enlightened, and may even want to add floral prints to your wardrobe!

  • Becoming a Pro Wrestler with Jessie Notarius | Episode 396

    August 22nd, 2023  |  18 mins 27 secs
    fishing without bait, jessie notarius, jim ellermeyer, mindfulness, official match, performance, physical conditioning, podcast, pro wrestling, quinn magnum, the unwilting tatiana, theater, wrestling training

    In this episode of "Fishing Without Bait," host Jim Ellermeyer chats with Jessie Notarius, aka "The Unwilting Tatiana" in pro wrestling. Discover how she entered wrestling when theater closed, her training with Quinn Magnum, the physical demands, and her remarkable journey to her first official match.

  • Becoming a Scene Designer with Jessie Notarius | Epsidoe 395

    August 15th, 2023  |  18 mins 57 secs
    college challenges, disappointment, fishing without bait, jessie notarius, jim ellermeyer, podcast, pro wrestling, resilience, seeking help, singing, theater design, triumphs, unwilting tatiana

    Join host Jim Ellermeyer in this episode of "Fishing Without Bait" as he sits down with special guest Jessie Notarius, also known as "The Unwilting Tatiana" in the world of pro wrestling. Together, they dive into Jessie's unique path – from discovering her love for singing and theater design to overcoming college admission challenges and finding a new passion in theater painting at Point Part University. Don't miss this inspiring conversation about resilience, managing disappointment, and the importance of seeking help. Tune in for a journey from setbacks to triumphs on "Fishing Without Bait."

  • I Don’t Know | Episode 394

    August 8th, 2023  |  25 mins 9 secs
    fishing without bait, flaws, human behavior, human experience, jim ellermeyer, negativity, passion, perspectives, podcast, producer mike, understanding, wwe summerslam

    Welcome to "Fishing Without Bait," where hosts Jim Ellermeyer and Producer Mike dissect the recent WWE SummerSlam in Detroit and the curious habit of fixating on flaws. They explore why we tend to concentrate on negatives, discuss the challenge of understanding others' lives, and question why some have more passion for their work than others. Join the conversation for insights that will broaden your perspective on human experiences and passions.

  • Creating Art On Social Media | Episode 393

    August 1st, 2023  |  19 mins 43 secs
    art, backhanded compliments, creativity, embracing authenticity, growing up, passion, resilience, self-worth, social media

    Join host Jim Ellermeyer and artist Mallory Sherman on 'Fishing Without Bait.' Explore growing up with Social Media, handling backhanded compliments, and fueling art and passion in this environment. Discover self-worth and creativity in today's interconnected world. Tune in for an enriching exchange on resilience and embracing your artistic spirit.

  • Growing Up With Social Media | Episode 392

    July 25th, 2023  |  19 mins 39 secs
    brain, fomo, impact., influencers, information feed, jim ellermeyer, mallory sherman, phone, social media, teenager, tiktok

    In this episode of "Fishing Without Bait," host Jim Ellermeyer welcomes artist Mallory Sherman to discuss her experiences growing up with social media and the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) it brought as a teenager. They explore the impressions of social media influencers and the effects of information feeds and TikTok on our brains. Join them for a thought-provoking conversation on the impact of social media on our lives.

  • Trust in Yourself | Episode 391

    July 18th, 2023  |  16 mins 45 secs

    Tune in to this enlightening episode of "Fishing Without Bait" as Jim Ellermeyer skillfully navigates through the intriguing landscapes of choices, self-trust, and the complex world of self-help. Prepare to be inspired and motivated to embrace your own power and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

  • Behind the Art with Mallory Sherman | Episode 390

    July 11th, 2023  |  18 mins 57 secs
    anxiety, artistic improvement, coping mechanisms, happy moments, instagram, jim ellermeyer, mallory sherman, works of art

    Join host Jim Ellermeyer as he delves deeper into the world of artist Mallory Sherman in this captivating podcast episode. Discover more about Mallory's incredible body of work and the moments of anxiety and happiness that serve as her muse. Gain insights into Mallory's personal journey as she shares her methods for coping with emotions beyond the realm of art. Uncover the motivations behind Mallory's decision to showcase her art on Instagram and witness her growth and improvement through this powerful platform. Tune in for an engaging conversation that explores the intersection of art, emotion, and self-expression.

  • Manifesting Self Confidence with Mallory Sherman | Episode 389

    July 5th, 2023  |  16 mins 48 secs
    advice, art, artists, connections, creativity, empowerment, inspiration, meaningful relationships, passion, personal growth, podcast, pursuing passions, self-care, self-discovery, standards, weeding out negativity

    Join host Jim Ellermeyer in the "Fishing Without Bait" podcast as he chats with artist Mallory Sherman. Explore the journeys of creative individuals, including actors and show creators, who have pursued their passions and forged meaningful connections. Discover advice for young girls, the importance of self-care, and the art of weeding out negativity. Learn from Mallory's experience of receiving poor advice on her art and the "No Advice, No Judgement" rule. Uncover the secrets to attracting like-minded individuals who meet your standards. Tune in and be inspired to embrace your true potential.

  • A Fresh Look with Mallory Sherman | Episode 288

    June 27th, 2023  |  16 mins 55 secs
    art, artist, artwork samples, confidence, conversation, feedback, fresh look, inspiration, jim ellermeyer, life, mallory sherman, perspectives, podcast, preparation, student artist

    Join host Jim Ellermeyer in another engaging episode as he delves deeper into the world of local student artist, Mallory Sherman. In this installment, Jim and Mallory explore a captivating array of her artwork samples, sparking an enlightening conversation about how we can approach art and life with renewed perspectives. Discover Mallory's inspiring journey as she shares her experiences in preparing to take that crucial first step and embracing feedback, regardless of its nature. Tune in to gain valuable insights on embracing fresh perspectives and navigating the artistic process.

  • Discovering Art with Mallory Sherman | Episode 387

    June 20th, 2023  |  17 mins 19 secs
  • Push the Start Button | Classic Episode 366

    June 13th, 2023  |  16 mins 52 secs