Fishing Without Bait

It's about living a life without definitive expectations and learning to fish without bait.

About the show

A mindful exercise. A look at ourselves. We recommend rest and relaxation. One way you can do this is to take up fishing. And for a truly mindful experience, try fishing without bait.

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  • Holding Up to The Light | Episode 91

    May 30th, 2017  |  9 mins 26 secs

    Jim Elermeyer discusses our relationship with the divine. We talk about the trivial things that we pray for, Jim’s own religion’s practice of holding others in the light, the need to love yourself before you can love others, and more!

  • Surf's Up | Episode 90

    May 23rd, 2017  |  10 mins 56 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer discusses the momentum as we tackle the waves of life.  How do we behave with the wind at our back as apposed to tacking into the wind like a sail boat?  How do we apply the wax to our lives to relieve the resistance?  ...

  • I'm not much but I'm all I think about | Episode 89

    May 17th, 2017  |  9 mins 32 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer further discusses the effect of technology on us including turning some into voyeuristic narcissists, asking our own value, and more!  Further listening: Code Breakers Who is With You Down the Rabbit Hole Subscribe to our...

  • Does Your Past Define Your Present? | Episode 88

    May 9th, 2017  |  11 mins 31 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer discusses the concept of original sin and looking at the sins of our past that we let define our present.   Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Music, TuneIn or look for it on your...

  • Memories of Choice | Episode 87

    May 2nd, 2017  |  14 mins 53 secs

    James Eellermeyer discusses our interconnectedness and memories we hold on to.   Further listening: What's in a Name  Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Music, TuneIn or look for it on your...

  • Out of the Past | Episode 86

    April 25th, 2017  |  10 mins 46 secs

    James Ellermeyer talks with us about his recent trip to South Carolina to visit some old friends, unseen in 40 years.  We discuss the practical use of definitive expectations, how we can open new opportunities for growth and impacting the lives...

  • Make Yourself Friendable | Episode 85

    April 18th, 2017  |  13 mins 38 secs

    We look at the types of relationships that we endure.  How deep do our relationships go on social media?  Are we seeking the right relationships?  Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Music, TuneIn or...

  • Full Impact Tattoo | Fishing Without Bait 84

    April 11th, 2017  |  14 mins 49 secs

    This week, Jim Ellermeyer discusses many of the concepts of Full Impact Mindfulness and Fishing Without Bait with his tattoo artist Jake Steele.  The two discuss making our own choices in this world, fear, our "microwave culture"  You can...

  • What is Holistic Wellness? | Episode 83

    April 4th, 2017  |  13 mins 51 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer discusses holistic approaches to medicine against allopathic methods. The Beginner's Mind and dealing with people, rather than labels and diagnosis. How your stomach effects your focus, and creating your own path.  Further...

  • Fake it till you make it | Episode 82

    March 28th, 2017  |  9 mins 44 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer discusses the concept of “fake it till you make it” and how it separates us from our true self.   "Allusions are slight of hand. Delusions are slight of mind" Further Listening:  Feel the Tingle Am I Alive Check In Down...

  • Delusions | Episode 81

    March 21st, 2017  |  10 mins 58 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer talks with us about the delusions and blinders we have in our lives including how they apply to eating disorders and more!  Further Listening:  Feel the Tingle Am I Alive Check In Beginner's Mind Subscribe to our Podcast...

  • Who is With You | Episode Bait 80

    March 14th, 2017  |  13 mins 10 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer talks today about our authentic self, a trying time with a patient that hated him, our time with technology, decisions that resinate with others, disconnecting from all of our life and electronic inputs, and your “Ikigai” or...

  • Are You Sorry For Being Yourself? | Episode 79

    March 7th, 2017  |  11 mins 34 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer takes a look at apologies, and how they are misused, and how that represents your self esteem.  Further Listening:  ~ Name Your Bully ~ License to Live ~ Tell Me Your Name Subscribe to our Podcast...

  • Fly Your Flag | Episode 78

    February 28th, 2017  |  13 mins 9 secs

    James Ellermeyer discusses our personal flags and logos.  What do the colors mean that we would pick for our personal image and getting back to basics. We discuss the meanings behind our own Fishing With Out Bait and Full Impact Mindfulness...

  • Namaste | Episode 77

    February 21st, 2017  |  6 mins 20 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer discusses the origin of the word "Namaste", its India roots, and how the concept leads to peaceful existence.   Further Listening:  ~ I Would Be True  Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google...

  • I Would Be True | Episode 76

    February 14th, 2017  |  10 mins 3 secs

    Jim Ellermeyer reflects on the words of Howard A Walter.   Further Listening:  ~ The Deafening Power of Silence ~ The Good Samaritan  ~ Protest Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google...