Jenni Crumpton Ross's Story of Success and Service | Episode 423

Episode 464 · May 28th, 2024 · 25 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

In this episode of "Fishing Without Bait," hosted by Jim Ellermeyer, we dive into an enlightening conversation with Jenni Crumpton Ross of Kula for Karma. Jenni shares her journey of becoming a "20-year overnight success," highlighting the struggles and breakthroughs that shaped her path. She discusses the importance of embracing failures and the transformative power of the "dark night of the soul," offering insights into how these experiences can lead to personal growth and joy.

Jenni elaborates on Kula for Karma, an organization founded in 2007 by two women in recovery, which uses mindfulness and yoga to support individuals in underserved communities. She explains the meaning behind the name—'Kula' meaning community and 'Karma' meaning service to others—and describes how the organization started its first program in group homes for children affected by abuse and addiction. The conversation touches on the impact of mindfulness practices in various settings, such as addiction recovery centers, juvenile detention centers, and hospitals.

Jim and Jenni discuss the broader implications of mindfulness in mental health care, particularly in a post-pandemic world. They emphasize the importance of making these practices accessible to those who might not have the resources to attend traditional yoga classes. Jenni also shares how Kula for Karma operates without a physical office, keeping overhead low and maintaining a nationwide network of trained teachers.

The episode wraps up with Jenni talking about the funding and support for Kula for Karma, highlighting the significant contributions from Steve Madden and the various ways the organization raises funds. Listeners are encouraged to get involved by visiting the Kula for Karma website or participating in their Moves for Mental Health campaign on social media.

Join us for a profound discussion on the healing power of mindfulness and the incredible work of Kula for Karma in transforming lives through compassion and community service. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in mental health, mindfulness, and the journey of personal growth.

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